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About Stunt The Producer

Hailing from Queens, NY, StuntTheProducer began his music career at the age of 13 years old as a rapper but then realize his passion for audio. Now fascinated with audio recording, he had enrolled himself into “The Institute of Audio Research”. 


He has devoted over 10 years to mastering his ability to record, mix, & produce work for artist across the country. Building his name, Stunt has not only committed himself to being the best, he is also responsible for a number of engineers across the metropolitan New York area that provide impeccable service in the same regard. Most recently Stunt the Producer is the sole operator of Q8 Recording Studio where he serves as the face of the brand, intaking new staff as well as providing top tier experiences for his clientele.

In his pursuit, Stunt has developed an engineering mentorship program which alots for his mentees to take on new clientele while providing portable recording service for consumers through “The 101 Experience.” With notable credits like Fivio Foreign, Shawny Binladen, 22Gz, Rai Smith, Nas Blixky, Stunt The Producer continues to carve out his lane as well as aiding a number of aspiring engineers to do the same. Through booking with Stunt the Producer, you receive a luxury experience, proficient professionalism and high quality whether recorded in the comfort of your home or coming into any of the several recording studios, Stunt the Producer services. Join the experience powered by STP.







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